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Ephemera, printed materials and memorabilia will often fetch a good price at auction. We publish articles on this subject from time to time, and these are all collected in this category. You can also find out more on our specialist Ephemera and printed items page for examples of interesting lots sold at auction.

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Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes Medals for Sale

The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes (RAOB) is a fraternal group that has been around since the 1820s. We are lucky enough to have six RAOB medals for sale later this year. Among the RAOB medals for sale in our November Fine Art auction, there is this 3rd Degree jewel. It will be featured with …

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The Life and Etchings of Herbert Dicksee

“Hard Times” was sold in our July Fine Art auction for £850! Herbert Dicksee, 14th June 1862 – 20th February 1942, was an artist whose popularity endures to the present day, especially among dog enthusiasts. Dicksee was born into an artistic family, with his father, John, being an artist himself. John was most well-known for elegant, romanticised …

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Who was R J Keeling? Plus Upcoming Aynsley China at our July Fine Art Sale

Our July Fine Art sale will feature a series of lots pertaining to the artist R J Keeling and his daughter Annie. These lots include numerous personal effects – including family photographs, official documents, religious books and recipes belonging to Annie. The collection also comprises paintings, as well as a number of designs that R …

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February the month of romance

A wartime love story……. On occasion at Potteries Auctions we come across an interesting lot that tells us a story. So, how relevant for February, with Valentine’s Day on the horizon that Lot 934 is a historical love story in a box. During WWII a young Lance Corporal in the Royal Engineers, Eric Raymond Stretch from Birmingham …

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