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Militaria and war memorabilia will often fetch a good price at auction. We publish articles on this subject from time to time, and these are all collected in this category. You can also find out more on our specialist Militaria page for examples of interesting lots sold at auction.

Get in touch if you have similar or unusual items that need a valuation.

What is a Flintlock? Plus Buying and Selling Flintlocks at Auction

This 18th-century Land Pattern flintlock pistol sold for £1600 in our November 2019 Fine Art auction. The flintlock mechanism, as the everyday person would recognise it, was invented by Marin le Bourgeois in 1610. Other types of similar mechanisms predated it, but le Bourgeois’ design would prove so effective it would supersede all other designs. …

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February the month of romance

A wartime love story……. On occasion at Potteries Auctions we come across an interesting lot that tells us a story. So, how relevant for February, with Valentine’s Day on the horizon that Lot 934 is a historical love story in a box. During WWII a young Lance Corporal in the Royal Engineers, Eric Raymond Stretch from Birmingham …

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