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Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes Medals for Sale

Fareeha Ahmad

The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes (RAOB) is a fraternal group that has been around since the 1820s. We are lucky enough to have six RAOB medals for sale later this year.

Among the RAOB medals for sale in our November Fine Art auction, there is this 3rd Degree jewel. It will be featured with an estimate of £250-£500.

Who are the RAOB?

Formed in 1822 and known to member as the ‘Buffs’, the RAOB is one of the UK’s largest Masonic-style fraternal Orders, whose members convene for the purposes of fellowship and socialisation, as well as to raise funds for helping those in need.

It began at the Harp Tavern on Drury Lane, London, with members of the theatre business who were unable to join a club there, called the City of Lushington, which was populated by higher-profile actors and entertainers.

As with Masonic Orders, a core focus of the Fraternity is its charitable endeavours, which from 1967 total over £3,600,000. In recent years, its contributions have benefited charities such as Alzheimer’s UK, British Heart Foundation, as well as helping to fund the purchase and fitting out of ambulances for Ukraine.

Societal change and the reduction in size of the British Armed Forces, within which there had been a great many Lodges and members, precipitated a decline in RAOB membership since its height in the early 1970s and resulted in the closure of many of the Fraternity’s Lodges. However, the largest Order, The Grand Lodge of England, continues to operate, maintaining some 700 Lodges as far flung as Cyprus, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Our Collection of RAOB Jewels

Our November Fine Art auction will be featuring a number of RAOB medals for sale. Known as ‘jewels’, they denote a member’s position and role within the Order.

This 4th Degree Roll of Honour jewel will be featured in our November Fine Art auction, with an estimate of £380-£760.

 There are four levels known as ‘Degrees’ that Buffs members can attain, reminiscent of Masonic tradition. These are based primarily on the length of time during which they have been part of the Fraternity.

Also to be featured in our November Fine Art auction is this jewel awarded in recognition of service as Secretary, carrying an estimate of £200-£400.

The 1st Degree, known as Kangaroo, is attained by new members. After 2 years, they are raised to 2nd Degree, or Certified Primo. After a further 10 year’s membership, a member can be raised to 3rd Degree (Knight of the Order of Merit) and 4th Degree (Roll of Honour).

Awarded for service as Waiter, this jewel will be featured in our November Fine Art auction, with an estimate of £130-£260.

Do you have RAOB medals for sale?

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