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Books, and what are called ephemera will often fetch a good price at auction. We publish articles on this subject from time to time, and these are all collected in this category. You can also find out more on our specialist Antiques, Ephemera and Books page for examples of interesting lots sold at auction.

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What is Ephemera? Plus How to Buy and Sell Ephemera at Auction

Have you ever wondered what to do with old postcards, letters, or even old magazines? Often these are tossed into the recycling bin or dropped off at a charity shop. But wait, you could be holding collectable ephemera. Ephemera is the name for collectable paper items. These items may be varied and surprising. But that’s …

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Are Old Books Valuable? Buying and Selling Books at Auction

At Potteries Auctions, we are specialist sellers of antiques, ephemera and books at auction. Read on to find out more on the types of books to look out for auction, examples of some exciting lots we’ve seen pass through our salerooms, and how to sell and buy old books at auction. Books! We’ve all got …

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Are My Vintage Comic Books Worth Anything?

This collection of Marvel The Avengers Silver Age comics is set to be incredibly popular at our upcoming Fine Art sale, with an estimated sale price of £50 – £100 Determining the value of a comic book or comic book collection can be difficult. Are those stacks of old comics sat collecting dust in the …

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