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Royal Doulton Princess Badoura – HN2081

Debbie Porter

Princess Badoura HN2081 was a post WWII version of an earlier figure from C.1925, originally designed by Harry Tittensor (an in-house artist), A.E. Stanton and F Van Allen Phillips for the Wembley Exhibition of 1924.

The series of what became Prestige Figures were all re-introduced post war.  Existing large scale figures in new colourways post WWII and this piece was the star of the range for many years.

Despite a long production (until 2009) the cost of course made it prohibitive to the majority of collectors and so very few turn up today.  It is impossible to put a precise number on how many were made, but until the late 1970’s few people even knew these large scale figures existed as they were made to order only and they would not be seen in stores save the very top end stores such as Harrods in London and even then you could not just buy them.

Rather than a specific number of hours per day to produce Princess Badoura, the process involved drying and firing times, that in themselves would take days, so it was not a case of working on the piece every day for a set number of hours, it would take weeks to finish one example.  As methods and production processes evolved, I imagine the production time shortened somewhat too. 

The piece was inspired by a Dulac illustration.

Many thanks to Christopher Evans for the information.

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