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Rare Wileman & Shelley Intarsio for Sale in November 2023

Fareeha Ahmad

We have an incredible collection of Wileman & Shelley Intarsio Ware coming up in our November Fine Art auction.

This blog will explore the world of Intarsio products, which add significant value to any collection.

If you’re considering selling your cherished Wileman & Shelley collection, you’re likely aware of the brand’s reputation for timeless pieces. You can remind yourself of their reputation by clicking here.

Among their remarkable collections, the Intarsio range takes centre stage with it’s captivating designs and expert craftsmanship. These items have garnered widespread acclaim for their beautiful glazing and attention to detail.

The lamps below are believed to be the only Shelley pieces in existence that have their original ceramic lampshades.

From delicate floral motifs to elaborate painted scenes, the collection is a visual feast for potential buyers. There is an Intarsio piece to complement any table setting or interior style.

With their captivating designs, vast attention to detail, and lasting allure, these pieces have rightfully earned their place as cherished heirlooms.

Some of these pieces are incredibly rare, one being the intricate tea caddy seen below. While Wileman & Shelley tea caddies are not rare in circulation, ones with their original lids are.

The majority of items from this collection of over 20 lots look to be estimated between £400-£600 as these are highly sought after, rare pieces.

Selling Shelley China at Auction

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