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Clarice Cliff’s Rhodanthe: Rare Collection Up For Auction

Fareeha Ahmad

Coming Nov ’23

We are thrilled to present an exceptional collection of Clarice Cliff’s Rhodanthe designs. This was acquired from a passionate collector who meticulously preserved these treasures.

Our auction, scheduled for November, offers an opportunity for individuals to own a piece of design history from one of the most renowned ceramic artists of all time.

Clarice Cliff’s early life in Tunstall, Staffordshire, laid the foundation for her artistic journey. Her apprenticeship as an enameller and work as a lithographer honed her skills in freehand painting. This set the stage for her extraordinary career in pottery.

At A J Wilkinson Royal Staffordshire Pottery, her remarkable talent caught the eye of her decorating manager, Jack Walker, who brought her talents to the attention of Colley Shorter, the company’s visionary boss.

The pinnacle of her career came in 1927 when she established her own studio adjacent to Newport Pottery, giving birth to her iconic Bizarre Ware collection.

Amidst this extraordinary range, her Rhodanthe designs shine brilliantly. Introduced in the early 1930s, Rhodanthe captivates with its exquisite floral patterns. These designs showcase Cliff’s masterful use of vibrant colours and intricate hand-painted details.

Rhodanthe feature delicate chrysanthemums and daisies arranged in bouquets, exuding a sense of life and movement in each piece. The bold and contrasting colours, a hallmark of her Bizarre Ware, make Rhodanthe a model example of Art Deco aesthetics. The name “Rhodanthe” itself, derived from the Greek word for “rose-coloured” or “rosy,” perfectly embodies the floral theme.

Owning one of these pieces offers an intimate connection to the the vibrant Art Deco era. Each piece speaks to the innovative spirit of a trailblazing ceramic artist and represents a treasured chapter in the world of pottery and design.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the splendour and seize this exceptional opportunity to own a piece of history at our upcoming auction in November. You can read more about Cliff’s life and view previous sales of her works here.

How to Sell Clarice Cliff Items at Auction

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