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Let Potteries Auctions Handle Your House Clearance

Debbie Porter

At Potteries Auctions, we handle house clearances the length and breadth of the UK, handling your items with as much care as if you brought them to us yourself.

At Potteries Auctions, our staff go to great lengths to source items to consign into our auctions. House clearances in particular are readily attended to – even if it means travelling considerable distances.

Two recent sorties saw one excursion to just over the Welsh border and another as far as Cornwall. Together, they shed a light on the distances we are willing to go for house clearances, as well as the breadth of items from clearances that can be consigned to auction with us.

Having returned safely to the premises at Silverdale, the van that undertook the trip to Cornwall is ready to be unloaded. The sheer quantity of items is evident – all carefully packed in boxes for safe transportation.

Beginning with the clearance in Cornwall, the journey down was lengthy and uneventful, but what awaited at the end was a veritable treasure trove of items and a huge job of selecting, sorting and packing saleable articles onto the van. Boxes and bubble wrap were provided by our staff and great care was taken as the various pieces were packed in the customer’s home.

The Kevin Francis & Peggy Davies figures from the Cornwall clearance included a good deal of multiple figurines in varying colourways, as evidenced with the above showing differing versions of Back in time, Susie Cooper and many others besides.

The clearance featured a bewildering array of porcelain and pottery, including Royal Doulton character jugs and figures, Carltonware figurines, a small number of Beswick animals and an absolute plethora of Kevin Francis/Peggy Davies figures. With all the above items consigned into several upcoming Fine Art auctions, they’re a worthy addition to the Potteries Auctions stock.

Yet more of the Kevin Francis figures, highlighting the breadth and variety of examples among the collection.

The return trip back to Staffordshire was also an uneventful one. The precious cargo onboard remained perfectly safe, owing to the expert packaging undertaken by our staff.

Similarly laden, the van from Wales returns for unloading, filled with a bewildering array of items from a lifetime’s collecting.

Considerably closer to home, the house clearance in Wales was nonetheless just as significant, involving an enormous volume of items. A huge variety of vintage and collectible toys formed a significant part of the collection. This included early Matchbox toy cars still in their original boxes, along with an assortment of Revell, Airfix, Frog and other model kits, mostly comprising WWI, WWII and Cold War era military aircraft, along with a number of assorted vehicles and more besides.

The wealth of model kits and Matchbox vehicles is readily apparent. No doubt, these items have great appeal to collectors. The model kits will be featuring in our April 30th Cobridge auction, with the boxed Matchbox vehicles to be featured in our July Fine Art auction.

By themselves, the toys and model kits would be considered a sizeable collection, but only amount to the tip of the iceberg. An even more voluminous amount of Shelley tea and dinnerware elevated the Wales collection to a whole new level, comprising a copious selection of patterns and shapes.

A large contingent of the Shelley tea and dinnerware from the Wales clearance consisted of Dainty White pieces: these were so numerous that space had to be found for them separately from the rest!

Even then, the extent of the collection is not truly appreciated, as it is further enhanced by a range of model train items, including various rolling stock, locomotives and accessories. Finally, the clearance is rounded out by such items as a 4.5in naval shell case, two drop dial wall clocks and two glass epergnes.

The diversity and amount of items collected from the Wales house clearance is plain to see, with porcelain figurines, clocks, camera equipment visible, along with toys including Scalextric, model railway accessories, Tonka, Lego and Kenner Star Wars ships and vehicles significant in the assortment.

All in all, both collections comprise a fantastic assortment of items and just go to show the kind of things that can be consigned to auction from a house clearance. To keep apprised of our upcoming auctions, why not join our mailing list here?

Are you in need of a clearance service?

Whether you’re downsizing or dealing with the loss of a loved one, the Potteries Auctions team is well-placed to provide professional clearance service, whereupon all auctionable items will be consigned and anything unsaleable will be disposed of or recycled where possible.

Additionally, we provide probate and insurance valuations, which can be conducted alongside our house clearance service. To enquire about our house clearance service or probate & insurance valuations, please call 01782 638100 or email, where a friendly member of staff will be able to assist you.

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