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Gold Coins and Currency for Auction

Fareeha Ahmad

Collecting coins can be a highly rewarding experience. Their diversity in age, currency and denomination can make for a fascinating hobby, as well as being a great potential for investment, given the ability for rare and special coins to appreciate over time.

As a financial investment, rare and collectible coins are less-influenced by market trends. So, whether as a hobby, or as a means of financial investment (or indeed both!) collecting coins is always worthwhile.

Our Past Sales

At Potteries Auctions, we have had some fantastic coin sales in past auctions.

Sold in our March 2023 Fine Art auction was this pristine 10oz 22ct gold coin, of a limited edition of five, in unopened capsule. Included with its certificate, box and original purchase invoice, it achieved a hammer price of £11,200.

One of two sets of proof Sovereigns sold in our March 2023 Fine Art auction, this set of five limited edition coins in unopened capsules comprised 5 Sovereign, 2 Sovereign, Sovereign, half Sovereign and quarter Sovereign coins. Complete with certificate, boxes, booklet and original purchase invoice, the set sold for a hammer price of £5,000.

A fine example was our March 2023 Fine Art auction, in which a variety of limited edition 22ct gold coins were featured, including 2-, 5- and 10oz coins in unopened capsules. The latter, one of a limited edition of just five, proved the second-highest selling lot with a hammer price of £11,200! Also among the coins offered were several proof sets, within which were two fabulous Lots of Sovereign coins that separately achieved hammer prices of £5,000 and £1,700.

Sold in our July 2022 Fine Art auction was this 1974 full Krugerrand 1oz fine gold coin, which sold for £1,300.

Another successful sale was our July 2022 Fine Art auction, which saw a collection of Austrian Shillings and Ducats, over multiple lots, perform particularly well. These were also supplemented by George II & III gold Guineas and a superb 1974 fine gold 1oz full Krugerrand.

Our Coins for Sale

To be featured in our November Fine Art auction is this cased Countdown to London 2012 four gold coin set. Comprising four 22ct gold £5 coins, Lot 2053 carries an estimate of £7,500-£15,000.

We have a wonderful selection of coins to be featured in our upcoming November Fine Art auction. These include an array of Sovereign and half-Sovereign coins, among which are a number of sets.

Of a number of Sovereigns to be featured in our November Fine Art sale, Lot 2068 is a set of four 2022 proof Sovereign coins by The London Mint Office, complete with cases, box and certificate. Comprising a double Sovereign, Sovereign, half Sovereign and quarter Sovereign, the set carries an estimate of £1,000-£2,000.

Among the Sovereign coins for sale in our November Fine Art auction is this gold full Sovereign, dated 1904. Lot 2056 is estimated at £300-£400.

There’s also several 22ct gold Krugerrands to be featured, as well as several intriguing collections of Sterling silver, gold and gold-plated replica postage stamps. A variety of other sets are to be featured, topped by a Countdown to London 2012 set of four 22ct gold proof £5 coins.

Also to be featured is this 1982 22ct gold Quarter Krugerrand, set in a 9ct gold mount. Lot 2047 is estimated at £300-£600.

One of several lots of replica stamps to be featured in our November Fine Art auction, this cased pair of 22ct gold and sterling silver replica stamps issued for the Royal Silver Wedding 1972, cased and with paperwork, will be featured. Lot 2042, estimate £900-£1,800.

Altogether, the coin lots to be offered in our November Fine Art sale present a fine choice of rare, limited edition and collectible items.

Issued to commemorate the opening of the Saudi Bahrain causeway, this Saudi Arabia 22ct gold coin will be featured. Cased and with certificate, Lot 2054 is estimated at £1,500-£3,000.