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Call Potteries Auctions In For Your House Clearance

Debbie Porter

Potteries Auctions & Louis Taylor offer a comprehensive house clearance and transportation service, so talk to us about what’s involved.

We recently shared a piece by our expert valuer Rod Gibson on his Lessons to Learn At Sad Times, a reflection on the many times he’s been drafted in to help families to wind up an estate with a house clearance… but an experience he shared on describing when he’s found himself too late to save valuable items going into the skip.

If you are tasked with looking at how to value an estate and deal with probate and you are faced with choices on whether items are valuable or whether they are best taken to a charity shop, you might find this article interesting reading.

At Potteries Auctions and Louis Taylor, we offer a comprehensive house clearance and transportation service to alleviate the burden on people struggling to make sense of the winding up of an estate, or the disposal of a house on behalf on someone else, for whatever reasons those may be. We can offer professional written valuations useful for probate, division of assets and also for insurance purposes. 

Whether you are looking for a full house clearance or a part- house clearance, or maybe just looking for specific items to be picked up and sold and auction, we can help you out with one of our three services.  In all cases we can arrange the transportation of items from the house so that you don’t have to worry about a single thing except giving us access to the property.

We offer full house clearances, part house clearances or the pick-up of a specific item for selling at auction in one of our three house clearance and transportation services.

We offer full house clearances, part house clearances or the pick-up of a specific item for selling at auction in one of our three house clearance and transportation services.

Full House Clearance Service 

With our full house clearance service, we will clear out everything remaining in the house after the family have removed any personal items or keepsakes. The process for this will involve one of our expert valuers coming along to the property and inspecting the contents of the house first.

Our valuation team will remove any particularly valuable items such as choice pieces of furniture, ceramics, jewellery and watches and prepare these items for auction for which a receipt will be given to help you keep track of items removed.

The valuer will then make a note of larger items, or items of a more general nature that could be auctioned for the house clearance team to transport to the auction room. All saleable items will be moved by the house clearance team, and they will also raise for the valuation team any other items they discover whilst carrying out this task to ensure nothing is missed in the process.

Any recyclable items such as paper, cardboard, shoes and clothing that is not suitable for auction or charity will be taken away and recycled. Any items that have minimal or no value but that would not generally sell at auction will be taken to local charities for distribution.  The final step is to clear out the remaining items in the home and take it to recycling centres and for disposal in landfill.  Of course, at each stage all these items will be checked to leave no stone unturned.  Then finally the whole property will be swept and left clear and tidy before we hand back the keys.

Part House Clearance Service

Our part house clearance service is a flexible service where specific items are identified to be removed from the property.  Our valuer will visit the property to identify any items that would sell well at auction and agree which items should be taken to the saleroom and prepared for auction.

We can also arrange for the dispersal of items where the item in question is large of difficult to move, such as a large piece of furniture and deliver these to another property.  So for instance if a family member would like to keep specific pieces of furniture and other items but are unable to move it themselves we can arrange this.

The team may also identify other items that need to be taken to charity shops or the recycling centre to be disposed of, which will be discussed with the family before removing. The family will then be left with the items they would like leaving behind so that they can complete the process of clearing out the property themselves.

Specific item(s) collection and delivery to saleroom

In some cases it might be that one or a handful of particular items are identified as items that you would like to send to auction.  So for instance you might want a clock, a bookcase, a table and chairs set… or any other particular item, removing to the saleroom and for selling at auction.  This is a specific and no frills, low cost service that is useful if you have strong ideas on a handful of items that you would like to dispose of at auction.

If what you have read is interesting to you and you feel we can help lift a burden in a house clearance you have been tasked with, then get in touch with us on +44 (0)1782 638100 to discuss your situation with a member of staff. They will be able to advise you on the next steps to be taken and make all the arrangements for you.  We will then handle it from that point onwards, leaving your mind at ease.

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