How To Submit A Commissioned Bid At Auction


If you are unable to visit the auction in person, you can submit a commissioned bid. This can be done by clicking on the 'Submit Commissioned Bid' button which appears next to each lot.

  1. Enter an amount for the selected lot
  2. Click 'Set Price'
  3. Continue browsing the catalogue / add more commissioned bids if required
  4. When all lots have been added and prices have been set complete you details and submit the form

When a price has been set, you can browse away from this page and add more lots as required. To return to this page please click on 'Submit Commissioned Bid" in the sub-menu on the left.

Only submit your form once you have chosen all of your commission bids. You only need to enter your name and contact details once, when you submit the form at the end of your selection.