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What to Expect at Your Valuation

Valuations Of Antiques, Pottery & Collectables What to Expect at Your Valuation

If you have chosen to have a free, no obligation valuation with Potteries Auctions, read on for what to expect when you arrive at either our Silverdale or Cobridge saleroom.

How to Find Us

Silverdale: Turn into Silverdale Enterprise Park (Kents Lane). Take the first right into Cannel Row, followed by the first left onto Aspect Court. Potteries Auctions are in Unit 4A in the far-left hand corner. There is free parking available.

Cobridge: You can access the building from the side roller shutter door on Grange Street. We are located directly next to the Potteries Antiques Centre. Free parking is also available on Grange Street.

If the roller door is shut due to weather conditions etc please ring the bell for someone’s attention.

Upon arrival to your valuation please ring the bell as labelled by the red circle if the roller door is closed

When You Arrive

Bring your item(s), if they are heavy and you require some assistance please let us know and we can help. We will guide you to a free table for you to unpack your items and the valuer will be with you shortly.

For information about the valuation appointment itself and selling process please click here.

You can unpack your items here when you come to Silverdale and a valuer will be with you shortly!

When You Leave

If you have travelled quite a distance, you may want to stretch your legs and have a walk around the picturesque Silverdale Country Park. The park is a few short minutes walk from the saleroom. You are more than welcome to bring your children or dog along to your valuation appointment to enjoy the scenery afterwards!

Silverdale Country Park (as seen on