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Susie Cooper was one of the most prolific and successful ceramic designers who’s career spanned over seven decades and encompassed the iconic periods of the twentieth century including the ever popular Art Deco hand painted patterns of the 1920’s and early 1930’s. Susie Cooper items within the auctions always generate a lot of interest particularly from the Asian market. She established her own pottery in 1929 and was a contemporary of Clarice Cliff and Susie Cooper. Susie Cooper Pottery was run by Susie until 1966 when the pottery was taken over by the Wedgwood Group.

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Susie Cooper Pottery facts:

  • The 'Leaping Deer' mark can be found on earthenware by Susie Cooper and mostly commonly are printed in brown, but also appear in green, pink, blue and black.
  • One of the most recognisable tableware designs is the Kestrel that was introduced in 1932 and carried on in production until 1964.  Wedgwood celebrated an exhibition at the V&A Museum in 1987 by re-introducing three Kestrel breakfast sets.
  • Before establishing her own pottery in 1929, Susie worked as a painter and designer at A E Gray & Co, producing hand-painted floral designs for the firm.
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