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Ruskin Pottery For Auction

The most collectable Ruskin items are those decorated with lustre and souffle glazes, with good examples holding their value well. As with all pottery, the value of the individual item is largely dependent on the age, condition and rarity. There is a strong demand for good, clean Ruskin pieces at auction, particularly in the Kingfisher Blue glaze.

Potteries Auctions can identify and provide valuations on a wide range of Ruskin pottery pieces.

Popular Ruskin Items at Auction

Lot 630
Ruskin high fired vase in turquoise & red glaze

Sold September 2015

Sale Price £600

Lot 29
A collection of Ruskin items including a plate, miniature vase and bowls

Sold March 2021

Sale Price £700

Lot 25
Ruskin vase with high fired speckled Souffle glaze

Sold March 2021

Sale Price £1,300

Lot 24
Ruskin high fired vase in a Kingfisher Blue glaze

Sold March 2021

Sale Price £780

Lot 26
Ruskin vase high fired tazza in a Speckled grey glaze

Sold March 2021

Sale Price £1,000

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Whether you are looking to buy or sell Ruskin collectables, the team of experts at Potteries Auctions can help you find the piece you are looking for, or value your items for sale.  Request a call back if you are looking for a valuation and are seeking to sell some Ruskin collector pieces at auction.

Ruskin Pottery Facts

  • Ruskin Pottery was founded in 1898 by painter Edward R Taylor. His son, William Howard Taylor, later took over the business.
  • Under his son, William, Ruskin Pottery is typified by experimental glazes and brightly colored, high-fired pieces, inspired by Chinese ceramics.
  • William destroyed all of his recipes and notes shortly before his death in 1935. In taking his glaze secrets to the grave, he ensured that his ceramics were impossible to replicate.

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