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Selling For Charities

We are more than happy to sell items on behalf of charities in North Staffordshire who may be struggling with space, or who feel they have a collection that would be more suited for auction.

How we can help

We can take your collections and sell them on your behalf, saving you not only space, but the time and cost associated with listing and selling items yourself, whether it be via Facebook Marketplace, eBay or other.

We can even pick up your collections if you do not have the capabilities to deliver them to one of our salerooms.

More often than not, we also offer greatly reduced commission rates and selling fees, so you can rest assured you will receive a sum post-auction that will help contribute to the important work you do.

Contact us today if you would like to know more about how we can help.

Recent Success Story

In our Toys & Movie Memorabillia auction we were lucky enough to achieve an excellent £940 for Dougie Mac Hospice.

Dougie Mac came to us in February 2024 with over 80 toy dragons which we entered straight into a relevant auction where we knew there would be significant bidder interest.

Via precise curation, marketing and international exposure the result was a wonderful one and one that can contribute to the essential work the charity does with patients and families living with life-limiting illnesses.