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Royal Crown Derby is one of the oldest remaining pottery manufacturers in England. Established in 1750 and particularly known for its high quality bone china tableware and ornamental items.  

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Royal Crown Derby facts:

  • Based in Derby since the mid 1700s, the company was known as Derby Porcelain until 1773, whereupon it was renamed to 'Crown Derby' when George III granted the company permission to incorporate the royal crown into the back stamp.  The company then became 'Royal Crown Derby' in 1890 by royal warrant granted by Queen Victoria.
  • A huge range of items produced between 1786 and 1795 were lavishly decorated and make this period perhaps the most interesting and most sought after of collector pieces.
  • In the 20th Century, the company launched a range of paperweights - five birds and a rabbit - at Chatsworth House.  These have become very important collectors items and are sought after pieces.
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