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Buy Paintings, Pictures & Prints At Auction

Potteries Auctions Ltd offer a broad and diverse spectrum of art across a number of mediums including oil paintings, prints, drawings, watercolours, miniatures and photographs to name a few. We cover all periods and styles of pictures from 19th and 20th Century to Modern & Contemporary Art.

We have also sold work from a diverse range of local artists from Stoke-On-Trent and continue to accept entries for our future sales. If you have any work from the likes of Jack Simcock, Arthur Berry, Harry Tittensor, or any other local artists, please contact us. For more information on these artists please read our new article.

Popular Paintings, Pictures and Prints at Auction

Potteries Auctions can identify and provide valuations on a wide range of paintings, pictures, artworks and print pieces. Request a call back if you are looking for a valuation and are seeking to sell some collector pieces at auction.

Potteries Auctions can collect items for auction from anywhere in the UK, and we can also handle large collections from all over the world, so just get in touch with us to discuss. We pride ourselves in our packing and shipping service to get goods out to purchasers, making it a perfect solution for buyers who can’t attend auctions in person.