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Which Royal Doulton Bunnykins are Popular at Auction?

Debbie Porter

Royal Doulton Bunnykins come in all sorts or weird and wonderful outfits and poses, from footballers to farmers and everything in between. Read on to find out more about which Royal Doulton Bunnykins figures are the most popular or sought-after.

Do you remember growing up with small bunny figures in your household? Perhaps a birthday or christening present? Did you have a nursery plate, or a mug covered in a delightful bunny motif? If so, it could have been an item from the Royal Doulton Bunnykins collection!

The Bunnykins collection is an iconic piece of British history. Produced by Royal Doulton from 1939, Bunnykins are porcelain rabbit figures portraying a variety of professions and historical figures. In this article, we share some of the rare and valuable Bunnykins figures and help you to know how to spot if your figure might be worth selling at auction.

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Established in 1991, we are now one of the leading auction houses dealing in 20th-century British pottery and ceramics – including Royal Doulton Bunnykins. Our experts will identify and provide valuations for your pieces and make sure selling or collecting is a breeze.

The History of Royal Doulton Bunnykins Figures

The prestigious and household name of Royal Doultonstarted to produce Bunnykins in 1939. These figures were modelled by Charles Noke, an artist and designer working for the famous pottery brand. At this time, only six figures were created and, unfortunately, manufacturing was halted very shortly after it started due to the war. However, by 1972, it was full steam ahead as more and more figures were introduced.

To this day, part of the Bunnykins line is still produced, and you can find nursery sets and christening gifts on the Royal Doulton website.

Which Royal Doulton Bunnykins Figures Sell Well?

The Bunnykins collection is stunning, with figures for all occasions and collectors. At our auction house we’ve seen many a Bunnykins pass through, but there have been some rare and exciting sales. We’ve listed some of our favourites below.

A Royal Doulton Bunnykins figure ‘Boy Skater' (DB187) with an unusual blue and white colouring

The Royal Doulton Bunnykins figure ‘Boy Skater’ (DB187) with an unusual blue and white colouring was given an estimate of £25-£50 in a recent auction, yet it sold for a fantastic £150.

A Royal Doulton Bunnykins figure ‘Boy Scout’, painted in different colours

The Royal Doulton Bunnykins figure ‘Boy Scout’,painted in different colours with a ‘not for sale’ back stamp was a lovely addition to our December 2021 auction. While it was estimated to sell for £40-£80, it reached a wonderful hammer price of £120. 

Royal Doulton Bunnykins figure ‘The Bride’

Another incredible lot from our December 2021 auction was this Royal Doulton Bunnykins figure ‘The Bride’. The elegant figure is painted in different colours with a ‘not for sale’ back stamp. After an estimate of £40-£80, it sold for an impressive £160!

A limited edition Royal Doulton Bunnykins figure ‘Harry The Herald’ (DB115)

This detail-orientated figure Royal Doulton Bunnykins figure ‘Harry The Herald’ (DB115) is a limited edition. It came with an estimate of £75, but as the final bids approached and the hammer closed the auction, it sold for an outstanding £170.

A ‘Mr Bunny at Easter Parade’ Royal Doulton figure

Another lovely example of a Royal Doulton Bunnykins sale is the ‘Mr Bunny at Easter Parade’ Royal Doulton figure. Crucially, it also had a not produced for sale’ backstamp. It ultimately sold for a brilliant £150.

How Much are Bunnykins Figures Worth?

From the examples above, you can see how popular and valuable Royal Doulton Bunnykins can be. It’s worth noting the rarest and, in turn, the most valuable figures are the six that were created in 1939. This is due to production stopping during the war, and not restarting until the 60s. If you’ve got one of these figures in your collection, be sure to get it valued!

Other rare and sought-after Bunnykins include:

  • Happy Millennium Bunnykins Tableau
  • Daisie Springtime
  • Bunnykins Magician
  • Bunnykins Carol Singer

How to Buy or Sell Royal Doulton Bunnykins at Auction

Potteries Auctions canidentify and provide valuations on a wide range of Royal Doulton Bunnykins pieces. Please get in touch with usto discuss how we can help you or request a call back if you are looking for an expert evaluation and are seeking to sell your porcelain pottery.

Did you know we can collect your pottery from anywhere in the UK? We also offer solutions for shipping too. We can pack and safely post your goods, perfect for transporting pieces that have been bought via our online auctions.

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