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Where Can I Sell My 14k Gold Jewellery?

Hannah Widdop

With gold prices at a current high, if you’ve been considering selling your 14k gold jewellery then now is a great time to do so. Let Potteries Auctions walk you through the process of selling your gold items at auction, ensuring you get the best value for your 14k gold pieces.

What is 14k gold?

Before we delve into the auction process; what does 14k gold mean? Gold purity is measured in karats, with 24k being the purest form. 14k gold is a popular choice for jewellery, consisting of around 58.3% pure gold and 41.7% alloyed metals. Gold by itself is a relatively soft metal, so this alloying enhances durability while retaining the warm glow of gold, making it a popular choice for engagement rings and wedding bands. When choosing 14k gold jewellery there’s three colour options: white gold, rose gold and traditional yellow gold.

How to tell if your 14k gold jewellery is valuable

Determining the value of your 14k gold jewellery involves assessing several factors:

  • Check for hallmarks – authentic 14k gold jewellery often has a hallmark or stamp indicating its gold content. Look for a “14k” or “585” stamp, as both signify 14-karat gold. However, do be aware that just because a piece is marked doesn’t automatically make it real, and on the flip side real 14k gold doesn’t always have a stamp, so when in doubt it’s best to get a second opinion from an expert.
  • Weigh your jewellery – gold is valued by weight, so knowing the weight of your jewellery is crucial, using a precise scale to measure the grams or pennyweights of your items.
  • Assess the condition – the overall condition of your jewellery influences its value. Pieces in excellent condition, with minimal wear and tear, are typically more valuable.
  • Evaluate design and craftsmanship – intricate designs, detailed craftsmanship and unique features can contribute to the value of your jewellery. Vintage or designer pieces may also be more valuable.
  • Check for gemstones – if your jewellery features gemstones, their quality, size, and rarity will also be assessed. High-quality gemstones can significantly increase the overall value of the piece.
  • Documentation – providing any relevant documentation, such as certificates of authenticity, can enhance the appeal of your items to potential buyers or increase their value.
  • Consider historical or artistic value – if your jewellery has historical significance or is considered a work of art, it may have additional value beyond its gold content. Research the history of the piece yourself or consulting experts can help to understand its potential cultural or artistic value.
  • Check for designer or brand markings – if your jewellery bears the markings of a renowned designer or brand, it may fetch a higher price. Research the brand or designer to understand its impact on the value of your jewellery.
  • Research market prices – stay informed about the current market prices for gold. Gold prices fluctuate based on market conditions, and knowing the current rate per gram or ounce can help you estimate the value of your jewellery and when is the best time to sell.
  • Explore the secondary market – Investigate the secondary market for similar pieces. Other online auction sites, jewellery dealers and specialised marketplaces can provide insights into the demand and pricing for comparable 14k gold jewellery.

Why should I sell my 14k gold jewellery at auction?

Potteries Auctions provide a transparent and competitive platform for selling your gold jewellery:

  • Competitive bidding – multiple potential buyers can compete for your items, often driving up the final sale price.
  • Expert valuation – our experienced jewellery expert specialises in assessing the value of gold jewellery, ensuring you receive a fair and accurate appraisal.
  • Global reach – our auctions attract bidders from around the world, expanding your market and increasing the chances of fetching a higher price than with a local buyer on the High Street.

Check out some of the recent 14k gold pieces that have sold at our auctions below:

This 14kt gold ring set with a pink stone sold for £60 at our 20th Century Pottery, Collectables & Jewellery Auction back in October.

Lot 602 was a 14k gold and diamond 7-stone ring (0.7ct) that features a 14K hallmark stamp and was tested to confirm its authenticity. It sold for £210 at our August 2023 auction.

Lot 787 in our August 2023 online auction was a higher carat gold designer style brooch, set with blue stones surrounding a central white stone. It wasn’t hallmarked but was tested as 14kt or higher, and appeared to be of overseas origin. It fetched a very impressive £440!

This 14kt gold 24-inch necklace weighed in at 9.3g and sold for a brilliant £230 at our August 2023 auction.

Lot 607 was a gorgeous large 14kt large gold locket engraved with a fancy monogram on the reverse. Marked and tested as 14k gold, it sold for £240 at our 20th-century pottery, collectables and jewellery auction back in August.

This 14kt white and yellow gold ring in our August 2023 auction sold for £130.

This 14kt white gold Longines ladies cocktail watch with a diamond bezel and 14kt white gold bracelet sold for a spectacular £550 at our November 2023 20th Century Rare Ceramics, Collectables, Jewellery & Furniture Auction.

How to sell 14k gold jewellery at auction

The value of your 14k gold jewellery can vary based on a combination of factors. If you’re unsure, seeking a professional appraisal is highly recommended for an accurate assessment of your jewellery’s worth. At Potteries Auctions, we can identify and provide valuations on 14k gold pieces to help you get the best value at auction for your precious items.

Please get in touch with us if you’re looking for an expert evaluation and are seeking to sell your gold. Free valuation days are held every Tuesday at our Silverdale saleroom – to book an appointment, use our online booking form here. You can also email us at or call us on +44 (0)1782 638100. Valuations can even be provided via WhatsApp – simply send some clear images of your items via the app to 07864 667940.