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Debbie Porter

ANTIQUE, RARE POTTERY & FINE ART SALE, Held on Saturday 10th June 2017.

One of the Top 25 Highest Selling Lots was Lot 294, a set of seven early graduated bronze imperial measures for the County of Worcester comprising Imperial Gallon to Imperial Half Gill, each stamped VR and ER.  Sale Price £3,700.00.

A lady from Sandbach had a very pleasant surprise when our Fine Art & Antiques valuer, on a routine furniture inspection, spotted what he knew to be a set of rare bronze County Measures, used by the Customs and Excise to check retailers measurements over previous hundreds of years.  

When the valuer mentioned them to the house owner, she told him they were of little value, and that another local auctioneer who had recently visited the house, had told her that copper and brass doesn’t sell these days, and she should just give them to a charity shop!

The lady recalled that her young relatives used to take the seven graduated measures, turn them upside down, and make them into steps to run up and down.  

When advised by the valuer that he would be happy to include them into one of the Fine Art and Antique auctions with a £500.00 reserve, she, with some degree of scepticism, agreed to let him try.  However, with some very clever marketing to collectors and institutions around the world, we were able to encourage some fierce competitive bidding, pushing the price up to £3,700.00.  The lady could be heard shrieking with delight when the valuer phoned her to tell her the good news, after playing a little guessing game with her.

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