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Highlights from our July 2022 Cobridge Auction

Debbie Porter

It’s that time once again where we have a look at the highlights from the latest Potteries Auctions Cobridge sale. We’d just like to take a moment to thank everyone who participated in bidding, and also a big congratulations to anyone who won their chosen lots! Let’s begin with looking at our main specialty, of course being pottery, featuring the likes of Royal Doulton, Moorcroft and more.

Royal Doulton

Royal Doulton flambe vases

Kicking off our sale recap are some lovely Royal Doulton pieces, starting with lot 259 which is a lovely pair of flambe vases. Despite featuring slight damage to one of the top rims, it sold for a total of £50.

Royal Doulton King Charles character jug

Next up is lot 393 which is a limited edition character jug of King Charles, featuring double handles! This item sold for a total of £81.

Royal Doulton connoisseur model of a mounted Queens Guardsman, dubbed ‘Blues and Royals’

The last Doulton piece we’ll be looking at today is lot 471, which is a gorgeous connoisseur model of a mounted Queens Guardsman, dubbed ‘Blues and Royals’. This item sold in the end for a grand total of £273! A more than suitable price for such a lovely piece.


A Moorcroft Rennie Mackintosh vase

Next up in our pottery roster is that of Moorcroft. Starting off with lot 198 which is a vase in tribute to Rennie Mackintosh. This piece definitely juxtaposes traditional designs and modern designs which Moorcroft is known for. It may not be for everyone, but it can’t be denied that it is a unique piece! This lot sold for a total of £150.

A Moorcroft Sweet Pea vase

Next up we have lot 204, a Moorcroft ‘sweet pea’ vase that sold for £161. It features a design definitely touching on more traditional lines where Moorcroft is concerned.

A Moorcroft Finch and Berries vase

Our final highlighted Moorcroft piece is lot 218, which is a lovely ‘finch and berries’ vase on a blue background. A lovely design with fantastic colouring. This piece sold for £174.

Royal Worcester

A Royal Worcester The Crinoline lady limited edition figure

Our first item of Royal Worcester is lot 375, which is a ‘The Crinoline’ lady figure, limited edition. Number 4693 of 9500! This item sold for £43.

A Royal Worcester Bennett bowl

The next lot we’ll be looking at is number 386, a lovely blush ivory Bennett bowl, limited edition 106/250. Selling for a total of £47.

Royal Worcester limited edition figure Rosie picking apples

Our last Royal Worcester item is another limited edition figure, named ‘Rosie picking apples.’ Number 8343 of 9500. This figure sold for £50!

That wraps up the ceramic side of the article! Now let’s take a look at some other lots featuring coins, watches and jewellery!

Coins, Watches, Jewellery

A collection of 30 half crown coins

We had a great selection of coins in this sale, and the following three lots are our favourites! Starting with lot 605, a collection of 30 half crown coins, 21 of which are 0.500 silver! This lot sold for £80.

A 4 album collection of UK coins

The second lot from this trio was lot 606, which is a vast collection of UK coins over the years, a total of 4 albums featuring Sixpences from years 1901 – 1910 and 1937 – 1952, Shillings from years 1938 – 1952 and Florins from years 1938 – 1967. This fantastic collection sold for a steal at £47!

A collection of 12 coin albums

The third and final lot of coins we’ll be looking at is lot 607, which is another collection of 12 coin albums, featuring Shillings, Pennies, Halfpennies, Half Crowns and Threepence brass. Once again, this lot sold for a complete steal at £68!

A vintage Bermuda automatic drivers watch

Next we have a selection of watches, starting with lot 403 which is a vintage Bermuda automatic drivers watch. Truly a simple yet stylish design, with subtle wear which only adds to its character. Sold for £50!

Two boxed Swiss Explorer watches

The next watch we have to show is lot 404, a lovely pair of Swiss explorer watches still boxed. Still with its original prices of £129 each, which sold for a ridiculous £31, for both! Sales like these really show what incredible finds and bargains and deals you can get from our sales, so don’t miss out!

Rotary ladies midsize chronograph watch

Our third and final watch of this article is lot 409, a lovely Rotary ladies midsize chronograph watch, still boxed! Selling for another steal of £30!

A pair of 9ct gold earrings, together with a 9ct gold locket and 9ct gold ring

Finally, we have lot 498 which is a stunning pair of 9ct gold earrings, together with a 9ct gold locket and 9ct gold ring, weighing in at a total of 6.8g of gold. Selling for a total of £118!


A carved oak settle/hall bench

The next and final area we’ll be looking at is furniture, as we had some lovely pieces which were sought after by a good few bidders! First we have lot 709, which is a gorgeous carved oak settle/hall bench. A lovely piece of craftsmanship which sold for a total of £200!

An inlaid mahogany grandmother ‘tempus fugit’ clock

Next, we have lot 719 which is a stunning inlaid mahogany grandmother ‘tempus fugit’ clock, still present with its key and pendulum. Another example of great craftsmanship – selling for £200.

A pair of 1970s chrome chairs in the style of Harry Bertoria

Finally, we have a blast from the past with lot 738, a pair of 1970s chrome chairs in the manner of Harry Bertoria. Definitely a unique and retro look, but definitely something you don’t see in today’s design. Sold for a total of £200!

How to Sell at Auction

That concludes our recap of the July 2022 Cobridge sale! We had a great variety of different areas, and it really shows the type of items you can come across in our sales, and for some fantastic prices! We hold a weekly valuation at our Cobridge premises every Thursday by appointment only, so contact us at or alternatively, call us on 01782 638100!