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November Sale Highlights

Debbie Porter
Like the October auction before it, the November auction dazzled with a wide variety of items appealing to both the specialist and casual collector.

A large collector’s consignment of Royal Doulton character jugs featured prominently in the bestselling items. The highest achieving lot was ‘The Maori’ prototype, second version, character jug which was marked with a ‘not for sale’ back stamp. This achieved an impressive £2,600.00

Other character jugs that created a lot of interest included ‘The Yachtsman’, ‘The Jockey’, ‘The Red Haired Clown’ and ‘Clark Gable’. The latter is particularly rare since the estate of Gable did not approve the jug; hence only a few were made. This item alone achieved £1,150.00

The Great General’s character jugs were popular with bidders but these were not the only items of military interest available at the auction. There were a number of Britain’s boxed special edition lead soldiers. William Britain began producing hollow cast soldiers in 1893, though in the 1960s plastic became a mainstay of production and the hollow cast figures ceased to be produced. However, in the 1980s a metal model range was re-introduced and proved to be very popular. The modern items in the auction featured a number of soldiers and equipment from the American Civil War: the majority of these lots achieved £55.00.

An exciting Moorcroft collection from the South of the country featured in this auction (with the remainder featuring in the auction the 9th January). There were a number of limited edition and trial pieces which proved to be incredibly popular. The bestselling Moorcroft item was the Prestige Back to Back vase which achieved £2,200. 

The trays lots were very popular in the auction across the spectrum of bidders. The unreserved trays are designed to appeal to an eclectic mix. This time they featured a mixture of metal ware, prints, books, clocks, tools and, of course, pottery and ceramics. Some real ‘gems’ can be found with the trays and a number of customers commented on their quality.

As usual the Beswick animals were popular as was the vast array of Beatrix Potter pieces. The Beswick Mallard wall plaques achieved £210.00 whilst the Potter items produced some pleasing sale results.

Within the Furniture section, the best lots were two Victorian long case clocks. The workmanship on the clock faces certainly appealed to bidders and they wasted no ‘time’ in snapping them up!

The next Fine Arts sale in February is fast approaching and we are currently accepting for quality items. If you feel you have any suitable items, please contact us today on 01782 638100.

Selling Items At Auction

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