How To Get A Professional Valuation On House Contents For Division Of Assets

At Potteries Auctions, we can prepare specialist written valuations for items of value for division of assets reasons, whatever the underlying reason. This will give you peace of mind knowing you are dividing up assets fairly based on professional judgement.

We understand that sometime assets and valuables need to be divided for a number of reasons, whether it is due to divorce, or the distribution of assets from a deceased person’s estate.  There are many other reasons you might need a professional valuation on the contents of a house. Whatever the reason, we can help you at Potteries Auctions.

When it comes to dividing up an estate, the contents of a house always proves to be tricky when the collective contents of a home have items of varying value, but that nevertheless monetarily need to be divided up equally and fairly.

We have a team of expert valuers at Potteries Auctions who are experienced in preparing specialist written valuations for household items and their skills are well suited to this task, which will help you to make appropriate decisions when breaking up an estate.  Our company offers a completely fair and impartial service where all parties can feel that a fair assessment has been made of the items in question.

We provide a legal and evidence based investigative service where we can document historical sales evidence of similar subject items, and sometimes of the actual item(s) in question themselves.  We can provide written reports on authentication and identification of items, the market prices and the replacement values of those items and look into confirmation of items having been previously stolen through title searches.

Whether you have a few household items in your home that you know to be valuable, or you are looking for a valuation for all the contents in your property, we can help.

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Costs of valuations for division of assets purposes

Our valuation charge is £150 + VAT for the first hour, then £75 +VAT for subsequent hours or part hours pro rata.  Document preparation is charged at the same rate and travel time is charged at £50 per hour +VAT, or part-hour pro rata.

If you have a complex valuation that we need to look at, we can also prepare a fixed price service in some circumstances where we guarantee a maximum charge for the service, irrespective of time spent.

If you would like to talk to us about conducting a valuation for your household items for division of assest purposes, then please send us an initial email to [email protected] or call us on +44 (0)1782 638100  to arrange an appointment. 

We will come to the property and will walk through each room methodically marking out valuable items to help prepare a report.

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