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The Creative Minds Behind our Moorcroft Collections

Fareeha Ahmad

Moorcroft pottery is a staple of our auctions, with rare, sought-after items sold each sale. Let’s look at the creatives behind these works.

This wonderful Swallow Tail trial vase will be featured in our upcoming November Fine Art auction, with an estimate of £900-£1,800.

William Moorcroft’s Vision

William Moorcroft began his career in 1897, when he was employed as a designer by James Macintyre & Co. Ltd, a year later being put in charge of his own department as ‘Manager of the Ornamental Ware’ with dedicated staff and workspaces.

This gave him freedom to experiment with different colours, glazes and decoration techniques. He had already introduced Aurelian Ware, featuring transfer-printed and enamelled decoration in red, gold and blue colours, swiftly followed by Florian Ware, decorated entirely by hand.

This lovely pair of Moorcroft Macintyre Florian Ware vases sold in our March 2022 Fine Art auction for £1,400.

Florian Ware was created using the time-consuming method of outlining his designs in trailed slip, known as tubelining. This, coupled with the ware’s translucent glaze and Arts & Crafts influence, formed the basis of many of Moorcroft’s future pieces.

Favouring organic forms and designs inspired by nature, Moorcroft’s design process often involved literally throwing pots onto the wheel to encourage the development of organic shapes. His designs were also adapted for every shape and size of pot to ensure they always flowed naturally over its curves and complemented its shape. William personally oversaw the production of his pieces and, unusually for the time, added his initials to the majority of his designs.

Designed by Rachel Bishop, this striking Cymric Dream pattern vase will be featured in our November Fine Art auction, with an estimate of £140-£280.

The Moorcroft Design Studio & Artists

The formation of the design studio in 1997 allowed for wider creative scope in the company’s designs, with five top-class designers in residence. On top of this, a number of Moorcroft’s artists have been able to contribute a range of designs as guest designers.

Having already been employed as sole designer from 1993, Rachel Bishop is known as a disciple of Arts & Crafts designer William Morris. A major proponent of the tubelining technique, many of her designs are reminiscent of Florian and favoured subjects include poppies, butterflies and fruit.

With an estimate of £350-£700, this Prestige design consort lamp, designed by Emma Bossons, will be featured in our November Fine Art auction.

Emma Bossons, who joined Moorcroft at the age of 20, finds inspiration for her designs from all over the world. She is noted for her Hepatica and Queen’s Choice ranges in particular. An accomplished and celebrated designer, she even became the youngest female member of the Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts.

To be featured in our November Fine Art auction, this delightfully festive Twelve Days of Christmas plate, designed by Kerry Goodwin, has an estimate of £240-£480.

Bringing an element of humour to many of her designs, Kerry Goodwin’s cheerful and quirky contributions inject a sense of fun. Her subjects include wildlife, townscapes, flowers and abstract designs.

Designed by Anji Davenport, this lovely Woodside Farm plaque will be featured in our November Fine Art auction, estimated at £200-£400.

 A guest designer, Anji Davenport is one of Moorcroft’s talented painters. Her designs ‘Who Goes There’ and ‘Woodside Farm’ draw upon her rural upbringing and have proved immensely popular.

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