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Collectable Cigars for Sale: Brands to Consider

Fareeha Ahmad

Embark on a journey of sophistication as we delve into some premium cigars for sale to help you create a collection that embodies luxury and indulgence.

What Makes a Good Cigar?

Cigars have long been regarded as a symbol of wealth and status. Owing to aspects of quality and rarity, collecting cigars has become a pastime of aficionados and connoisseurs. After all, not all cigars are created equal – so, what makes a good cigar?

Naturally, a quality cigar starts with quality tobacco – and Cuban tobacco is oft-touted as among the best, thanks to optimal growing conditions from the local soil and climate. Construction is also an important consideration: a well-made cigar will have a consistent, even firmness from one end to the other and the wrapper will be supple, oily and uniform in colour. Internally, the tobacco will be evenly folded, with no gaps, which can be revealed by inspecting the cigar’s foot.

Ramon Allones

To be featured amongst a fine choice of Cuban cigars for sale in our upcoming November Fine Art auction, this opened box of Ramon Allones Gigantes contains 24 double corona size cigars. It carries an estimate of £250-£500.

Ramon Allones are long-established makers of Cuban cigars. Full-bodied and strong, they are a favourite among aficionados and, dependant on range, a single cigar can be worth from £20, up to £250 for special edition or rare cigars.


This sealed box of 25 Punch Royal Selection No. 11 cigars will be featured in our November Fine Art auction, with an estimate of £200-£400. Discontinued for over a decade, these are gradually becoming rare cigars.

A preeminent brand, Punch’s range of Cuban cigars offers something for almost any occasion, known for a smooth, well-rounded and flavoursome character overall. Sizes range from their 4 5/8” x 40 Coronitas to their 7 5/8” x 49 Double Coronas / Prominentes.


One of two examples of Bolivar cigars for sale in our November Fine Art auction, this sealed box of Bolivar Petit Corona cigars is estimated at £150-£300.

Bolivars are not for the faint-hearted, but for anyone invested in collecting cigars, their bold, heavy and uncompromising flavour is renowned the world over. One of their early offerings was a tiny 1 7/8” x 20 Delgado, but more typically range between a 4” x 50 Petit Robusto and 7 5/8” x 49 Double Corona.

Romeo y Julieta

This sealed box of 25 Romeo y Julieta Cazores will be featured in our November Fine Art auction, estimated at £150-£300.

With flavour notes such as roasted almonds, milk chocolate, coffee, vanilla, cedar, spices and more, Romeo y Julieta are described as smooth and balanced. Diverse in range and versatility, they are considered as good an accompaniment to a morning coffee as to an after-dinner brandy.

The Lots featured above are just a small sampling of the Cuban cigars for sale in our upcoming November Fine Art auction. Whether you’ve just started collecting cigars, or you’re looking for rare cigars to add to your collection, there will be a fantastic selection to choose from. It’s an opportunity not to be missed!

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