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Behind the Print…

Debbie Porter

Behind the print ….

It was just another day at the Potteries Auctions Saleroom, we received a consignment of items for the next general sale and discovered amongst the items there was an ordinary old print of Babbacombe Bay, Torquay, signed by C White, but it is what is on the back of the frame that has caught our attention.

Pasted to the back of the frame is a John Barlow, Grocer, Provision Dealer & Draper calendar from 1904. King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra are seated in the back of a vintage motor vehicle, driving the vehicle appears to be Tsar Nicholas II with his son seated next to him.  In the background you can see the famous Windsor Castle.

This ‘find’ will be in our June 10th Antique, Collectables & Fine Art Sale.  If you have any similar, exciting items, please bring them to our saleroom for our next Fine Art Sale.

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