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Antique Furniture: Refresh Your Home

Fareeha Ahmad

It’s still early in the year, and spring is about to arrive, so why not give your antique furniture the refresh it needs with Potteries Auctions?

This Edwardian glazed double fronted display cabinet sold for £420 in a recent Antique Furniture & Collectors sale

Giving your interior a new lease of life can be a fun, creative process that makes an old space feel like new, again. You don’t need to be a pro at interior design, either – nor do you have to break the bank.

Whether you’re an appreciator of Art Deco, a lover of all things Victorian, or prefer Mid Century furniture styles, buying furniture in our auctions is an easy and cost-effective way to give your home a lift – especially considering the retail prices of antique furniture or interior designer charges!

Included among the Mid Century furniture pieces featured in our July 2023 Fine Art auction, this Ercol Blonde kitchen table & chairs sold for £300.

Our sales are always a great opportunity to update your home, with plenty of Mid Century and antique furniture for sale.

Change up Your Lighting

Among the antiques for sale in our recent January Antique Furniture & Collectors auction, this Edwardian library lamp featured, selling for £180.

Altering your lighting can achieve results, without causing a great deal of physical upheaval. For example, different colour light bulbs can introduce a different mood, with warmer or cooler tones to suit your own personal taste.

Sold in our March 2023 Fine Art auction, this gorgeous Egyptian bronze Art Deco double lamp base achieved a hammer price of £650.

The variety in size, shape and pattern in Moorcroft lamps gives them a wide range of appeal. A lovely Mid Century furniture piece, this large 1950s Walter Moorcroft lamp base in the Hibiscus pattern sold for £140 in our September 2022 Antique Furniture & Collectors sale.

The feel of a space can also be changed by adding some different lamps. A pair or cluster of different-sized lamps together is a creative way to bring some dramatic layering, and a slim, tall floor lamp can be used to help a low height wall look taller.

This brass Corinthian Column lamp sold for £70 in our July 2023 Fine Art Auction.

Add a Statement Mirror

Featured in our November 2023 Fine Art auction was this lovely large oval bevel edged wall mirror with carved foliage and ribbon decoration, which sold for £150.

Another cost-effective way to augment your surroundings is with the addition of a statement mirror. Not only do they serve as both decorative and useful objects, but a well-placed mirror is also a neat interior design trick to make a space look bigger.

Swap out Your Accessories

Switching out what accessories you have and where you place them will invigorate your space and keep things fresh. Introducing pieces that make use of seasonal colours will help reflect the time of year and ensure nothing stays the same for too long – ornaments, tableware, soft furnishings and other antique furniture and objects can all be utilised to this effect.

Elegant Art Deco pieces like this continue to be attractive in a modern setting: this graceful bronze nude lady figure featured in our November 2023 Fine Art auction and sold for £220.

Do you have antique furniture you’d like to sell at auction?

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