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Andrew Hull

Debbie Porter

 Andrew Hull is a freelance artist, designer and sculptor, who has worked in the industry for the past 19 years. 

Andrew has worked on a wide range of subjects and created several successful ranges for retail and collectors worldwide.  The ranges have varied from wildlife to fantasy and caricatured characters.

Andrew attended Loughborough College of Art and Design.  During his second year he did a project on ‘The Martin Brothers’ who were ceramic artists at the Doulton Lambeth factories. This project enabled Andrew to develop a skill for caricatured bird and animal sculptures.

Andrew’s first full-time job was with Holland Studio Craft in Stoke-on-Trent.  He started with miniature wildlife sculptures, he then designed and developed his first range which was made up of caricatured pieces in a sporting theme.

Andrew then worked on the ‘Enchantica’ range created by Andrew Bill.  He concentrated on sculpting small dragons, snappa and rattajack characters. Whilst working on ‘Enchantica’ he was asked to design a new fantasy range that would run alongside ‘Enchantica’, and ‘Fables’ was born. The range’s main topic being unicorns and Pegasus horses. It quickly developed to include other mythological creatures and then wildlife. ‘Fables’ was a range that he worked on exclusively for about 8 years.

Royal Doulton took over Holland Studio Craft and sadly that was the end of ‘Fables’ and ‘Enchantica’.  After being made redundant from Royal Doulton, Andrew went to work at Cobridge Stoneware, a part of Moorcroft Pottery. 

 At Cobridge Stoneware Andrew went back to his roots – developing a caricatured range of birds and animals in high-fired stoneware. During the next 6 years he built up a range of 30 different characters all with their own stories. In addition, he designed several different Moorcroft pattern designs resulting in his last piece ‘The Jungle Book’, a black panther vase.  Unfortunately, Cobridge Stoneware ceased trading and Andrew decided to carry on but as a freelance sculptor/designer.

Andrew was involved with starting up Burslem Pottery for a short period and during this period he created a number of new pieces.

At present Andrew is working on creating new caricatured birds and animals for his new venture Andrew Hull Pottery. The new pieces will continue in the style for which he is well known and will be made according to the high standards and quality that was associated with Cobridge Stoneware.  

We have a number of Andrew Hull’s caricatured pieces in our July 14th Antiques, Rare Pottery & Fine Art Auction, if these mythical creatures appeal to you, then these lots are for you!