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A Recap of Our November Fine Art Sale

Debbie Porter

With our next Fine Art sale soon approaching on March 11th, we’d like to showcase some of our best results from our previous Fine Art sale from this past November to show you the areas that did the best, as well as showcasing some of our favourite and bestselling lots!

Read on as we cover jewellery, silverware, coins and watches – four categories which are huge areas of our sales, with constant interest from collectors.

We’re constantly looking at jewellery from many vendors, as its worth is always in question if you don’t know what to look for. Thankfully, here at Potteries Auctions, we have specialists that can tell you exactly what you have. Costume jewellery is an area which can really have some hidden worth. Despite it being typically made of inexpensive material and simulated gemstones to emulate that of the real thing, it’s not unusual for some to be big sellers at our sales! That being said, let’s look at some of the bestselling pieces from our last Fine Art sale.

Firstly, we have an 18ct gold ring set with tanzanite and diamonds, which sold in total for £372. This is a lovely piece which has a great example of good bright diamonds in a ring, making it quite desirable!

This large fine quality ruby and diamond brooch, set with 20 diamonds and 18 rubies, sold in total for £682!

Lastly, lot 1606, a heavy gold chain with overseas distinct marks, was one of our bestselling pieces of jewellery from the entire sale! Simple yet quality, it went under the hammer for a total sale price of £2480.

Coins play a big part in our auctions, mainly in the form of sovereigns. Still today there is a huge market for collectors that are after many amazing pieces from various periods of time. Just because a coin is old, doesn’t mean that it’s valuable. We get many enquiries about various coins all over the world, but our biggest sellers are always sovereigns. Let’s look at some of the best pieces from last November.

Lot 1451, a George V full Sovereign dated 1925 with an SA mint mark, is a perfect example of a collectable coin. In sold in total for £348!

Next we have Lot 1466, a full gold sovereign dated 1910 in its own mount. Weighing in at 13.3g, it’s certainly a lovely piece which ultimately sold for £372.

Lot 1465 was a full set of Britannia fine Gold 4 coins, dated 1987, with the original purchase receipt, and in original Royal mint plastic cases. A fantastic set, selling in total for £2480!

It’s no secret that silver has a very big market. It’s worth is down to many reasons, the simplest being its shiny and desirable look in pieces of jewellery and silverware, but its use as a conductor contributed to its expense. Along with other rare metals such as gold, it’s easy to overlook how important and popular silver is in the world! Let’s look at some of the best sellers from the last sale.

Lot 1549 was a two handled silver vase featuring lions head handles, hallmarked for London in 1922. This is a gorgeous piece which is very of the time, and unfortunately we don’t see many pieces like this still being made today! This lot sold for a total of £893.

Lot 1569 was a four piece silver decorative coffee set, hallmarked for Sheffield 1972, featuring wooden handles to coffee and water pot. Weighing in at a total of 2131g,this is a lovely set which sold in total for £992.

This pair of rare William III silver candlesticks was a real star of the sale, down to their rarity, fantastic condition and their worth. This lot sold for an incredible £7440!

Although a form of jewellery, watches have a different element of practicality down to their timekeeping ability. This involves incredibly intricate craftsmanship due to watch mechanics. Combine that with the expensive materials often used during construction, it makes for some very valuable pieces! Let’s look at the final area we’ll be looking at in this article.

Lot 1505 was an 18ct gold mid-size half Hunter keyless pocket watch. It wasn’t in working order, and was also missing glass and a clock hand, but despite this there was plenty of interest due to the material and craftsmanship. It went on to sell for a total of £967.

Finally, lot 1510 was a Patek Philippe 18ct gold ladies wristwatch. It weighed in at 95g and featured an 18ct bracelet, diamond hour markers to dial, a receipt for purchase in 2004 and receipt for purchase in 2011 with original box, spare links and an insurance valuation for £17000. A truly fantastic piece in great condition, this was one of our bestsellers for the entire sale, selling for a grand total of £8556!

Our March Fine Art Sale

The next Potteries Auctions Fine Art sale is on 11th March 2022. If you have anything you think is worth something, call us on 01782 638100 to make an appointment for a weekly free valuation day every Tuesday. Let’s see if we can get some of the same results you’ve read about today!