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A Guide To Safe House Visits For Valuations During Covid-19

Debbie Porter

We reopened our doors on 15 June 2020 for valuations by appointment every Tuesday, but we also can make safe house visits for valuations during this tricky Covid-19 period too, for people still self-isolating.

As we leave the Covid19 lockdown period with more easing of restrictions on who we can meet up with and where we can go, we’ve opened up our doors at the Potteries Auctions saleroom to allow visitors to come with items for auction valuations.  Details of this appointment only system are outlined more fully in this article, but we also wanted to talk in more detail about our safe, social-distanced house visits too.

Conducting Safe House Visits For Valuations

Our team of valuers have been carrying out valuations throughout the lockdown period in a variety of ways, including by email and by Zoom appointment.

Whilst we conduct weekly valuation days every Tuesday, these are currently by appointment only, as we are keen to keep our staff and customers safe and well.  However, you may have a large collection, and it’s not practical to bring it in to us.  For probate valuations, house insurance valuations or house clearance assessments also, these online-only methods are trickier than a safe house call proves to be.  And so we also offer house visits so that a valuer can visit your home, or an unoccupied property safely to conduct an audit and gather details for a fuller valuation report.

How Do House Valuation Visits Work?

We carry out house visits first by holding a pre-visit consultation that is conducted over the telephone.  This reduces unnecessary face to face contact time, and helps our valuer to discuss any details with you in order to be fully prepared in advance of a house call. As well as consulting on the phone to reduce face-to-face time, the valuer may conduct an initial video call via Whats App or Zoom.

Our valuer has a temperature check every morning in advance of his visit appointments, and only makes one visit per day. His hands will be pre sanitised before leaving his car, and he will present himself with mask and gloves. 

If you agree for the valuer to take away with him any items to be sold at the saleroom, the plastic boxes he uses to transport your items will have been sanitised before bringing them into your home, and the packing materials are all left isolated for 48 hours in advance of being used.

Ideally all items you wish to have valued for auction should be placed in one room or the garage if practical as an extra safety measure. 

What Will We Ask Of You During Our House Visits?

All our valuers can be confirmed as never having had Covid-19, nor knowingly associated with anyone who has.  So we believe that you will be as safe as possible by inviting our valuer into your home, and we would ask that in return, you keep a social distance, sanitise items if possible or practical before the arrival of the valuer, do not offer him beverages, and if possible wear a face covering also.

We will of course advise you of the process in advance of our visit, in line with the information in this article, and our valuer will make you aware of anything you need to do in advance of his visit.

To keep our valuers safe, we ask that you advise us if you develop any symptoms in which case we can rearrange the appointment.  We also ask that you observe a 2m distancing whilst our valuer is with you and that you help us by leaving open doors internally and externally to avoid our valuer making any unnecessary contact with surfaces in your home.  We also ask that you wash hands and sanitise prior to our valuer’s arrival, and have a mask to wear too. 

Selling at Auction

If you have Collectible pieces you’re looking to sell, Call 01782 638100 or to book a valuation appointment to attend one of our Tuesday valuation days. We also provide valuations via WhatsApp, simply send some clear photographs of your items via the app to 07864 667940. Additionally, we can send you links to our catalogues via WhatsApp–message the above number via the app and ask to receive our catalogues. Make sure you are subscribed to our email newsletters, too!