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170 Lots of Unique Kevin Francis / Peggy Davis Collectables

Fareeha Ahmad
Kevin Francis collectables are synonymous with unconventional handcrafted figurines that delight collectors everywhere.

Since 1981, they have been wowing collectors with their daring and unconventional handcrafted figurines that defy the ordinary. With traditional production methods, their brazen designs stand out, attracting enthusiasts from all corners of the globe.

Lot 401: Kevin Francis / Peggy Davies Figure Advertising Piece: Cherub holding sign

Each figurine is hand-decorated by some of the most talented ceramic modellers and artists in the world, including Douglas Tootle, Ray Noble, Amanda Hughes-Lubeck, and Andy Moss.

Adding to the intrigue is Kevin Francis Ceramics’ commitment to crafting limited editions. Collectors relish the exclusivity, knowing they possess a truly one-of-a-kind treasure that sets them apart from the rest.

Get ready for our upcoming August sale featuring over 170 lots of Kevin Francis that will leave you enthralled. A number of these are one off originals and may be your only opportunity to find such figures!

Lot 419: Kevin Francis/Peggy Davis Figure Monkey ‘Keep it Real’.

Of particular interest are some Kevin Francis / Peggy Davis Banksy figures, of which only around 100 of each were created. These are derived from infamous artworks and you can expect to see familiar faces and slogans in the form of ceramic figures.

Specifically, Flower Thrower, Kissing Coppers, Bomb Hugger and other works will be found in this sale.

Lot 415: Kevin Francis/Peggy Davis Figure Banksy Flower Thrower

Some lovely tributes to Clarice Cliff are also included in this collection, with an exciting one-off piece of a young Cliff with a Tea for Clarice plate. This is an incorrect design with the wrong figure, but makes for an amazing one-off item for any collectors, or fans of Cliff:

Lot 563: Kevin Francis / Peggy Davies Figure Young Clarice Cliff – Wrong figure

Of course, this sale will also include an excellent Toby Jug collection. We always find these are popular with buyers and are distinguishing items to add to anyone’s collection.

Lot 570: Kevin Francis Miniature Toby Jugs

To sum up, when you obtain one of these Kevin Francis collectables, you welcome a treasure like no other. Whether you’re drawn to the captivating allure of their Toby Jugs or the timeless elegance of their Clarice Cliff & Susie Cooper-inspired Art Deco figurines, you’ll find something to cherish.

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