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Minton Pottery For Auction

Minton pottery sells successfully at Potteries Auctions whether it be a pate-sur-pate vase or an unusual piece of majolica. Our consultants are in attendance to give an idea on estimates should you wish to sell your Minton pottery or tiles. 

Potteries Auctions can identify and provide valuations on a wide range of Minton pieces. If you have pieces you require appraising please contact the office to speak to one of our experts.

Popular Minton Pottery Items at Auction

Whether you are looking to buy or sell Minton Pottery pieces, the team of experts at Potteries Auctions can help you find the piece you are looking for, or value your items for sale. Request a call back if you are looking for a valuation and are seeking to sell some Minton Pottery collector pieces at auction.

Minton Pottery facts:

  • Mintons was an independent business from 1793 to 1968 and was considered a leader in ceramic design. Early Mintons work was domestic tableware, including the Willow pattern, but it is Victorian majolica, Parian ware, Henry II ware, encaustic tiles and  pâte-sur-pâte that the pottery is best known for.
  • Léon Arnoux was an art director from 1849 and stayed with the Minton Company until 1892.  He was responsible for formulating the tin-glaze used for Minton’s rare tin-glazed Majolica. 
  • Parian ware was introduced in the 1840s and by 1852 the firm offered 226 figures in its catalogue. Arnoux also reintroduced "Henri II ware" - high-quality lead-glazed earthenware. There are very few surviving pieces and they attract high prices at auction.
Potteries Auctions can collect items for auction from anywhere in the UK, and we can also handle large collections from all over the world, so just get in touch with us to discuss.  We pride ourselves in our packing and shipping service to get goods out to purchasers, making it a perfect solution for buyers who can’t attend auctions in person.