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Martin Brothers were four brothers who were pottery manufacturers in London that produced a distinctive stoneware pottery from the 1870’s through to 1923. Martinware Pottery is a good example of Victorian art pottery and best known for their bird sculptures, bowls and vessels decorated with sea creatures. The "Wally Birds" are extremely popular amongst collectors and achieve exceptional prices.

The Martin Brothers are considered to be the pioneers of transitioning England away from decorative Victorian ceramics and heralding in the 20th century studio pottery movement. Martinware has been popular with collectors especially since the 1970s, after an exhibition in Belgravia in 1978 did much to revive interest in their wares. They’re best known for their range of eccentric bird creations, which tend to be their most popular sculptures. 

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Martin Brothers Pottery facts:

  • Their most flamboyant design period was from about 1880-1900, and after 1900 their designs simplified somewhat, under the influence of Art Nouveau and Japonism.
  • Each of the four brothers had distinct roles within their studio; Robert Wallace was the self-appointed figurehead of the factory and was principally responsible for sculpting. Charles ran the shop and gallery at High Holborn, Edwin was the principle decorator and Walter the expert thrower.
  • A new record auction price of US$ 196,000 was set in 2015 in New York for one of their pieces, a 14in “wally bird” jar from 1889.
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