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Clarice Cliff was one of the world's most influential ceramics artists and her works regularly feature in our Auctions. If you require one of our consultants to appraise a collection of Clarice Cliff pottery or a single item please contact one of our experts.

Clarice Cliff’s Art Deco Ceramic designs are highly distinctive in style which led to her becoming a leading brand at the Burslem pottery Wilkinson’s at which she worked. A contemporary of Charlotte Rhead and Susie Cooper, her brightly coloured Art Deco designs were much admired in the 1930s when she first produced them. Clarice Cliff enjoyed a renaissance in the 1970s and it still a popular collectable to this day. 

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Whether you are looking to buy or sell Clarice Cliff ceramics or collectables, the team of experts at Potteries Auctions can help you find the piece you are looking for, or value your items for sale.  Request a call back if you are looking for a valuation and are seeking to sell some Clarice Cliff collector pieces at auction.

Pottery painter Clarice Cliff facts:

  • Clarice began her career at the tender age of 13 as an apprentice enameller before she joined Wilkinson’s pottery in Burslem.
  • One of the most influential names in British Design during the Art Deco period, her work is perhaps the most distinctive of all her contemporaries at the time, and are still very much highly sought after.
  • The most sought after designs are pre-1935 in era and include Bizarre and Fantasque.
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