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Charlotte Rhead 20th Century Ceramics For Auction

Charlotte Rhead was an extremely successful ceramic artist who’s colourful work during the 1920’s and 1930’s has become highly collectable. If you require an auction estimate on your Rhead pottery whether it be Charlotte or Frederick, then please contact the office for more details.

Frederick Rhead was the art director at Wardle and Co, and sister Charlotte joined before he left in 1902.  In 1905 Charlotte found employment as an enameller at Keeling & Co of Burslem. She was next employed as a designer at a tile-maker, T & R Boote.  From this period of her work, we auctioned a rare tube lined tile in our 25th September 2016 sale for £500.  In our 9th March 2019 sale, a pair of Charlotte Rhead rectangular plaques with tube lined decoration sold for £480.

At Burgess & Leigh, where she worked from 1926 to 1931, Charlotte produced some of her best designs. The most sought after designs by collectors these day are from this period of her work and they pay huge amounts for good examples.  In our 13 July 2019 auction, what is believed to be an unrecorded design sold for £3,300, and is a record price for a Charlotte Rhead charger.

Charlotte Rhead’s Art Deco inspired pieces are distinctive in design and she was a talented designer from a family with a strong potteries background.  Charlotte Rhead had a career spanning more than 4 decades and she was a contemporary of Clarice Cliff and Susie Cooper.  

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Charlotte Rhead facts:

  • At the beginning of the twentieth century the Rhead family was living in Fenton where Charlotte and her sister Dollie studied at Fenton School of Art.
  • Charlotte Rhead’s father began his career as an apprentice with Minton Pottery, learning pate-sur-pate ceramic decoration.  
  • In the 1930s she moved to the firm of AG Richardson in Tunstall. Their brand name was Crown Ducal where she designed and produced many popular designs that were still in production after her death in 1947 until the early 1960s.
  • Charlotte’s elder brother Frederick Hurten Rhead also became a well-known pottery designer in America. Charlotte Rhead started her career at Wardle & Co Pottery in Hanley, a pottery in a nearby town to their family home, where her brother Frederick was art director before he emigrated to the USA in 1902.
  • Charlotte Rhead’s distinctive designs are when known for her tubelined designs, and she enjoyed success in her own lifetime, and her pieces remain popular today. Charlotte did not stay at Wardle and Co long but it gave her the opportunity to develop her skills as a tubeliner.
  • In 1912 Charlotte joined Wood & Son, a firm which operated several potteries, taking charge and later working as a designer. Charlotte is perhaps best known though for her association with Burgess & Leigh of Middleport, where she worked as a designer from 1926 until 1931.

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