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Carlton Ware Pottery For Auction

Carlton Ware Pottery was established in Stoke-On-Trent in 1890, producing giftware and domestic pottery throughout much of its history until the eventual closure of the firm in the 1990s.  Best known of all pieces perhaps were the ceramic toucans that made it into Guinness' promotional marketing items.

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Popular Carlton Ware Items at Auction

Carlton Ware can boast many strings to its bow including hand-painted table-ware, Crested Ware, Walking Ware, Rouge Royale and popular designs that include stylised dragons, birds, and a series of Oriental-inspired patterns such as New Mikado and Chinoiserie.

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Carlton Ware Pottery facts:

  • Early lustre wares were produced in a wide range of deep richly glazed colourful designs such as vases, bowls, pot pourri dishes and jars.  Other early pieces were produced to compete with Goss China and carried a slightly different mark of 'Carlton China'. 
  • Promotional wares for Guinness were produced in the fifties along with other fun ceramic pieces such as its salad ware range of bright red lobsters and tomatoes.
  • The firm's final success line was the Walking Ware range that was very popular until the ultimate decline of Carlton Ware in the late 20th century.    
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