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Bidding on an Item

Buying at Auction Bidding on an Item

So you’ve perused our auction catalogue, you’ve found the perfect item to add to your collection and you’ve decided it needs to come home with you. Whether you’re based in the UK or further afield, there’s a number of different methods for submitting a bid on an item with Potteries Auctions to suit you.

Viewing days and condition reports

If you’re interested in bidding on an item, we strongly recommend coming and viewing the item(s) yourself in person, or requesting a condition report if you’re unable to attend in person, to make sure you’re happy with the condition of the item in question. We regret that if you bid on and win an item without carrying out either of these checks prior that we’re unable to provide you with a refund if you are unhappy with the item’s condition once you receive it.

Viewing days are generally held 1-2 days before each auction, as well as a couple of hours prior to the auction, with no need for an appointment.

A condition report serves as a form of guarantee of the condition of an item. One of our trained staff will personally check the items for damage or restoration and let you know before you leave your bid, giving you confidence and peace of mind if you’re unable to view it in person.

Now comes the most tense but most exciting part – the bidding!

Bidding on an item in person

If you attend one of our auctions in person and intend to bid, you must first go to the main office and register before you start bidding. If you haven’t registered, your bids will not be accepted. Upon registering, you will be handed a numbered card which will identify you when bidding.

Bidding on an item online

If you’re interested in any items but can’t attend the auction in person for any reason, you can still easily bid online from the comfort of your own home. Head to our auctions page, find the correct auction and bid live while the auction is taking place, or alternatively you can also bid live via The Saleroom (fees at 4.95% +VAT) or Easy Live Auction (fees at £3 or 3%) or Invaluable.

Alternatively, you can sign up to our in-house bidding system Potteries Live for free bidding to avoid internet surcharge fees included in the above bidding platforms.

Bidding on an item via telephone bid

It’s also possible to book a telephone line for specific lots you are interested in. We will call you a couple of minutes before the lot is auctioned so you can bid live over the telephone as the lot is being sold. The number of telephone lines available during an auction is limited, so please contact us to book a phone line as soon as possible.

What to do when you win an item at auction

If you successfully win an item while attending an auction in person, you can go to the main office any time after winning (but do allow 5 mins or so after winning for admin time etc) to pay for and collect your item. If you’re bidding for a number of items, you may prefer to wait until the last lot you’re interested in has gone before going to pay and collect.

Otherwise, you have seven days to pay for and collect your lots. Head to our buying fees page for more information on how to pay and any potential fees, and should you need your item(s) posting to you then find more information on our postage service here.