Shelley Pottery For Auction

Shelley is probably best known for its fine bone china ‘Art Deco’ fashionable tea ware including the “dainty cup”. Shelley is currently very popular in the Asian market.

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Popular Shelley Pottery items

Popular searches include: Mabel Lucie Attwell, dainty cup.

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Shelley Pottery facts:

  • Originally known as Wileman & Co, and The Foley Potteriews, Shelley Pottery manufactured china and earthenware.
  • Shelley is well known for its fine bone china “Art Deco” ware of the inter-war years and post-war fashionable tea ware. 
  • Frederick Alfred Rhead joined the company in 1896 bringing a new set of skills to the company and introducing several ranges of china and earthenware such as the Intarsio range.