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SILVERDALE SALEROOM - July 2019 Rare 20th Century British Pottery & Antique Auction: Lot 131

Auction: SILVERDALE SALEROOM - July 2019 Rare 20th Century British Pottery & Antique Auction

Auction Date: 13th July 2019 at 10.00 AM

A collection of Shelley China tea ware: Shelley china in the Queen Anne shape, decorated in Blue Iris 11561 design. (16)

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How To Tell If Your Patek Philippe Watch Is Valuable

The most expensive wristwatch in the world is an $11million Patek Philippe timepiece sold in Geneva, 2016. This Patek Philippe 1518 reached a record price, but how do you know if your watch has a good chance of fetching a big price at auction?

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Auction of Watches at Potteries Auctions

Throughout our auctions we have had many successful sales of Antique, Military and high-end watches. Read about The Dirty Dozen, formally known as W.W.W, Military watch collection.

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Royal Doulton Designer & Modeller: Charles J Noke

Charles Noke was a premier designer and modeler for Royal Doulton. Read about his life and career and discover some of the pieces we've auctioned by Noke.

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A Brief History Of Royal Crown Derby

Royal Crown Derby is one of the oldest remaining English porcelain manufacturers, and is based fairly locally to Potteries Auctions in Osmaston Road, Derby. Read this brief history of this manufacturer.

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Meccano enables the building of working models and mechanical devices.

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Ceramic Furniture Rests

Ceramic Furniture Rests available in our July 14th Antiques, Rare Pottery & Fine Art Auction

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Top Selling Lots of 10th March Fine Art Sale

The top selling lots of our first Fine Art Sale of 2018!

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Shelley Pottery

Shelley - best known for fine bone china...

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WH Goss

Portrait of a local lady from Alsager in our next Fine Art Sale

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November News

A round up of Novembers Fine Art & Antiques Auction

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Corgi and Dinky Toys

Whether you are young or old, cars are always a toy of interest.

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We have a number of Pâte-sur-pâte items coming up in our November 11th Fine Art Sale.

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Are you looking to sell your collection?

We are currently taking entries for the next Fine Art Sale. Contact us today!

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Fine Art & Antique Auction News

We held the first Fine Art & Antique Auction of 2016 on February 27th

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