Royal Crown Derby


Royal Crown Derby is one of the oldest remaining english porcelian manufacters, based in Osmaston Road Derby. The company is known for its high quality bone china and has been producing items of tableware and ornamental ware since 1750.


It was known as 'Derby Porcelain until 1773, when it then became 'Crown Derby. The Royal was added in1890 when Queen Victoria appointed Crown Derby to be manufacturers of porcelain to Her Majesty and granted them the title.

The old Imari pattern dates back to 1882 and was inspired by traditional designs from China and Japan. The Derby factory established itself within the Imari market by creating designs such as 'Witches', 'Grecain' and 'Duck'. The distinguished rich colours and gold gild were used to show peoples wealth and luxury in the early 18th century. 


S Pearson & Son acquired the company in 1964 where it became part of the Allied English Potteries group, but in 2000 H Gibson ( former director of Royal Doulton) and a Pearson family member bought Royal Crown Derby, making them an independent company again. It is know owned by K Oates (former chief excutive of both Royal Doulton and Steelite). To this day they still produce dinnerware ranges, Old Imari, Traditional Imari, Red Aves, Blue Mikado and olde Avesbury. In 1981 paperweights were introduced and are popular today and collected by many. 



Coming up in our next Fine Art Sale on March 10th we have a large collection of Royal Crown Derby paperweights. Here are a few images of some of the lots

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