Staffordshire Pottery & Porcelain For Auction

Staffordshire Pottery and Porcelain refers to both specific potteries and a style of pottery and just the region from which certain antique collectable porcelain has originated from!  Potteries Auctions has been selling 18th and 19th century Staffordshire Pottery from within the heart of Staffordshire for over twenty five years and has amassed vast knowledge in this incredibly diverse field. We can identify and provide valuations on a wide range of Staffordshire pieces.

Our experts are in attendance to value Staffordshire, figure groups, flat backs, dogs, animals, spill vases and all Staffordshire related wares. Potteries Auctions is based in Staffordshire and as such we have had unprecedented access to the best of Staffordshire pottery for many decades.

Popular Staffordshire Pottery items

Whether you are looking to buy or sell Staffordshire Pottery, porcelains, collectables or figurines, the team of experts at Potteries Auctions can help you find the piece you are looking for, or value your items for sale from the Staffordshire based auction rooms which has been home to many ceramicists and porcelain makers over the centuries. Request a call back if you are looking for a valuation and are seeking to sell some 18th or 19th century Staffordshire pottery at auction.

Staffordshire Pottery facts:

  • Staffordshire’s potteries is a region that centres around the towns of Tunstall, Burslem, Hanley, Stoke, Fenton and Longton, that now make up the city of Stoke On Trent.  The location was chosen due to close proximity to Devonshire white clay, and major water and transport locations at the time manufacturing was established.
  • Due to the high number and diversity of potteries operating in the region, there are very many styles and designs of Staffordshire pieces that are recognised as ‘Staffordshire Pottery’.
  • The most recognised styles are Blue Ware, or Flow Blue Porcelain, and manufacturers such as Crown Staffordshire and Thomas Greene China Company. Other famous associated Staffordshire names include Royal Doulton, Spode, Wedgwood, Royal Worcester and Ridgway.